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【StriveForExcellence】East Ocean and Kong Fu Zi win the highest 3-Stars Awards at Star of Taste

East Ocean Gourmet Group and Kong Fu Zi, Club East, shone by having their culinary art recognised with prestigious awards at the Star of Taste Awards held in August. The Star of Taste Awards presentation ceremony was held at East Ocean Seaview Restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui on 18 October 2019.

Organised by the World Master Chefs Association for Chinese Cuisine, hosted by the World Master Chefs Association for Chinese Cuisine (Hong Kong Chapter), the event gathered more than 30 masters of Cantonese cuisine, showcasing their talent with exquisite delicacies. They were then judged and commented by a panel of judges consisting of 22 professionals, politicians and food critics.  East Ocean Gourmet Group and Kong Fu Zi both scored spectacular results in the competition with four of their chefs garnering awards. Tsoi Hing Hung, Executive Dim Sum Chef of East Ocean, and Tam Chak Kuen, Executive Chef of Kong Fu Zi, were awarded the highest 3-Stars Award while Lung Sze Lung, Assistant Executive Chef of Kong Fu Zi, and Wong Luk Yan,  Chef (Kitchen) of East Ocean, received the 2-Stars Award and 1-Star Award respectively.

East Ocean Gourmet Group has long been the choice for fine-dining for Hong Kong people, and its delicacies have won numerous local and international awards. Kong Fu Zi offers a fresh dining experience with its elaborate, modern touch added to the culinary art championed by Confucius and his descendants, making it a popular spot for gastronomes. Both under the Hospitality pillar of Stan Group, the Group considers it a great honour to be recognized by the judges and is committed to offering quality and innovative cuisine to future customers, encouraging innovation within the industry.

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