When facing challenges in your line of work, the more daring you are to break through the status quo, the more achievements you will find yourself making.


Dare to break through

Swimming and running are my passions, and both are great training for physical and mental strength. When we merge the two sports, the difficulty will be compounded, but will it also be the same for its outcome? When facing challenges in your line of work, the more daring you are to break through the status quo, the more achievements you will find yourself making.

Swimrun combines swimming and running and its emergence has everything to do with creativity which is intrinsic to entrepreneurship. Originated in Sweden, the sport is named Ötillö in Swedish, which means ‘from island to island’. Swimrun actually started with a bet after drinks, and then was made a formal competition as more and more people became interested. The transformation from a casual bet to a serious game would not have been possible without surmounting countless difficulties and challenges with creativity and resilience. Such resilience and courage to embrace challenges are virtues that can be found in every athlete and entrepreneur. I take an active part in promoting Swimrun in hope that my friends and colleagues will enhance physical and mental fitness through this sport and that more Hongkongers will get to appreciate the beauty of local landscape and scenery.

Sports is beneficial to not just our body and mind but also social cohesion. Sports Power is the first funding scheme launched by SYNC Foundation of the Stan Group with the goal of pooling together powers through sports. By promoting sports and exercises in the community, the scheme targets at supporting initiatives that promote the physical and mental health of youth and empower them to build positive identity, leadership, teamwork, self-discipline, integrity and accountability. Sportsmanship and entrepreneurship can not only do good to humanity and social development but also create a synergy to build a new business ecosystem.

Since its establishment in 2013, Stan Group has grown by leaps and bounds in face of challenges and opportunities. This is made possible with the solidarity, resilience and creativity of every member of the Group. In addition to property investment and management, the Group has expanded to a wide array of businesses and has made robust developments over the years. Each of its business pillars does not operate alone but synergises with each other. Hospitality and other pillars not only contribute to the operating income for the Group, but also bring the value of the property portfolio we manage in partnership with the Tang Shing-bor family to up to about HKD80 billion.

In the future, the Group will focus on the long-term asset enhancement strategy, to get the most value out of property sales when there are good market opportunities. At the same time, we will also buy in projects with good investment potential, as a way to optimise the overall property portfolio. In terms of business, we are devoted to developing co-living space, senior care and health & wellness services, as well as integrating technology into our businesses. We will never stop daring ourselves to make breakthroughs as an entrepreneur and forge ahead to build a better and brighter tomorrow.

Stan Tang