Corporate Spotlight | Jan-2020

【CreatingSharedValue】Buy-a-Brick shares revenue with staff members innovatively

Stan Group is an avid advocate of promoting corporate innovation and creating shared value. Credit System was launched within the Group to encourage staff participation in innovative development. Buy-a-Brick, which is rolled out in phases, was added to the Credit System in October 2019 to enable employees to generate wealth and reap the reward alongside the Group.

Buy-a-Brick is designed to motivate staff engagement in innovation, cultivate intrapreneurship and recognize staff for the efforts. It is the newest addition to the existing Credit System, where employees may earn points with innovative business pitches, business referral, attending talent development workshops, etc. With the launch of Buy-a-Brick, there are two types of points, including the original Credit Point and the new Shared Value Point. The Credit Point may be used to redeem vouchers, hotel stay, and even an extra day off, while the Shared Value Points may be used to redeem a “Brick” through Buy-a-Brick.

Redeem a “Brick”? Bring a real brick home? Obviously not. A “Brick”, which is a digital token stored on the blockchain, represents a smart contract for a property. Based on real estate tokenization, Buy-a-Brick provides employees with the opportunity to share the future capital gain of the Group’s property, without making any monetary contribution. Employees may redeem the brick of a property through Buy-a-Brick. When the property selected is sold and profit is made on its sale, the brick holders will be entitled to share the profit.

Stan Tang, Chairman of Stan Group, said, “I believe every one of our staff members plays an integral role in the Group’s success and should be able to reap the reward and share the value created. The launch of Buy-a-Brick has cemented the leading position of Stan Group in corporate innovation and entrepreneurship. Buy-a-Brick started with a dream, through matching the idea with resources within our business ecosystem, it is now a reality. I hope to ignite innovation and initiate change within and outside the Group and shape a better future for entrepreneurs and all.”

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