Business Overview | Oct 2020

【Transformation】 Tang's Catering Group acquired four Asian restaurants

With a growing purchasing power, the new generation is on the lookout for diverse gastronomic delights. Stan Group sees this as a timely opportunity to expand the footprints of Tang's Catering Group by acquiring four restaurants in Tsim Sha Tsui. Now adding to the authentic Chinese fare of East Ocean Gourmet Group are four new restaurants under Tang’s Catering, namely Kimchee Korean Restaurant, Robata Kim, Yakiniku Gyukura, and Nishiki Don.

At present, Tang's Catering Group manages 13 restaurants across 11 brands, offering Chinese, western, Japanese and Hong Kong style delicacies. The latest acquisition will add an Asian kick to the array of cuisines offered by the Group. Kimchee Korean Restaurant serves modern Korean gourmet food catering for the tastebuds of young people with breathtaking harbour view. On the other hand, Japanese culinary arts and sophisticated cookery are widely enjoyed by Hongkongers, so the Group has introduced three Japanese restaurants in different styles: Robata Kim incorporates a traditional style of coal grilling named robatayaki; buffet restaurant Yakiniku Gyukuraserves serves range of high-quality meat; and Nishiki Don has its signature sashimi rice bowl and restaurant decoration in Tsukiji Market theme. All four additional restaurants situated at the central business district of Tsim Sha Tsui target the mid to high-end market.

Mr Eric YC Leung, Chief Executive Officer of Tang’s Catering Group, has more than 17 years of experience in food and beverage. He commented, ‘The market has a great demand for Japanese and Korean cuisines. The four new restaurants will promote the growth of the catering business of the Group. In future, we will continue to diversify our catering business, thus providing our customers more top-notch dining options.’

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