Business Overview | Apr 2020

【StriveForExcellence】 38 years of dim sum craftsmanship at East Ocean

Chinese tea and dim sum is integral in Hongkongese food culture. Over the past 38 years, East Ocean Gourmet Group has an unwavering commitment to quality and serving customers the most delightful Cantonese cuisine by hand-making fresh dim sum every day; also a showcase of the entrepreneurial spirit that strives for excellence. The making of Cantonese dim sum, as complicated as it is, is all about the craftsmanship of its maker. Tsoi Hing Hung, Executive Dim Sum Chef of East Ocean, has over 20 years of experience of dim sum making, with numerous local and international accolades under his belt. “To make dim sum,” he said, “there are three keys: first-rate ingredients, skilled craftsmanship and freshly made to order. We insist on making fresh dim sum every day, pouring our hearts into every basket we prepare for our guests.”

A pleasurable dining experience can only be accomplished with the meticulous attention to detail. Of the vast selection of dim sum at East Ocean, what makes the most lasting impression is none than its signature Longevity Bun. Of a good size, East Ocean Longevity Bun is made from a dough that is freshly made every day by hand. In addition, its secret recipes for baked preserved egg pastries with ginger, shrimp and vegetable dumplings, deep-fried taro puffs, etc. are also immensely popular among diners.

In line with the core values of Stan Group, East Ocean Gourmet Group emphasises innovation. Customers can now order the fresh dim sum online on Foodpanda for delivery or on THE GULU for pickup in-store, a brand new yum cha experience made possible with the dedication to quality and agile management.

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