Heart Beat | Oct 2019

Stan Group volunteers send Mid-autumn blessings to the elderly

The Mid-autumn Festival is a joyous day for reunion and blessings. Stan Group upholds its human-driven core value in its efforts to connect the community. To share the happy occasion with the silver community in need, a team of more than 20 staff volunteers paid a visit to Chan Hing Social Service Centre of Mong Kok Kai Fong Association on 28 August and celebrated the festival with more than 100 seniors in the neighbourhood.

The volunteers played games and sang classic songs with the seniors, bringing them a happy and warm celebration; in turn, the volunteers enjoyed a meaningful afternoon in laughter. The volunteers gave each of the elderly their sincere blessings as well as a festive gift bag with moon cakes sponsored by East Ocean Gourmet Group, rice and other food. Through these small and caring gestures, the Group hoped to spread the spirit of festivity to every corner of the community.

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