Community Bliss | Oct 2019

East Ocean Gourmet Group receives the Save & Share Gold Partnership Award from FOOD-CO

On top of delivering high quality culinary delights, East Ocean Gourmet Group is also an advocate of green eating and food waste reduction. In recognition of the efforts made in environmental protection, the Group was awarded the Save & Share Gold Partnership Award by FOOD-CO this year, after having received the first award from them in 2017/2018. FOOD-CO is the first food support service platform in Hong Kong which works with like-minded partners to solicits resources. It is committed to cultivating a culture of save and share and bringing benefits to the people in need.

East Ocean Gourmet Group has been in collaboration with FOOD-CO since 2017, to support a foodwise culture. Concrete actions were taken to encourage food donation and sharing of resources, for instance, assisting FOOD-CO in running environmental protection talks and visits; setting up food collection facilities in office; taking part in the mooncake and used items donations hosted by FOOD-CO; and rallying staff to volunteer and cook for the elderly. East Ocean strives to give back to the community by way of leading a green catering culture.

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