Community Bliss | Oct 2019

Stan Group joins Big Little Things in engaging the underprivileged

Stan Group strives to drive vibrancy of society through sustainable business development and social investment. On top of creating shared value within business operations, the Group also plays an active role in community services to address social issues. To this end, the Group rallied 10 colleagues from various departments to participate in Big Little Things, organised by Business for Social Good. The interdepartmental team was challenged to implement a solution for one big little thing in a week, making an effort to enhance lives of those living in subdivided flats.

The team started by understanding the community needs, then took steps to formulate a solution. The team visited two underprivileged families to get a better idea of their individual needs, and identified the issues that could be resolved straight away. During the visit, they realised that the children were studying without a proper desk because of the lack of space. At time goes by, the practice not only affected their study but also caused bad postures. Therefore, the team decided to make them a portable desk, providing a better setting for studying. After a week on designing and trials, the prototype was brought to the families for adaptation and further optimisation on the second visit, creating a best fit for the families. Through this exercise, the Group hopes to create replicas of the final product and put it into mass production so that more families in need can be benefited. On the other front, the pioneers brought the joy of helping others and the seeds of hope back to the office, inspiring more colleagues to take part and lead the changes in our society.

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