Community Bliss | Jan-2020

【CreatingSharedValue】Stan Tang shares business philosophy at Creative Collision

At the invitation of Shared Value Project Hong Kong, Stan Tang, chairman of Stan Group, served as a keynote speaker at the opening of Creative Collision in December 2019. From the perspective of an entrepreneur, he shared his experience, the difficulties of and the insights into leading the Group to create shared value (CSV).

As a forerunner of CSV in Hong Kong, Stan Tang shared his vision to drive vibrancy of society and elaborated on the concept of CSV as the corporate mission. He also explained the meaning of the corporate logo: “When a pebble is cast into water, it creates ripple on the surface. The heavier the pebble is, the further the ripple goes. The logo of Stan Group consists of two ripples and CSV is our pebble. We envision to join hands with every stakeholder in the business ecosystem for the greater good of society.”

Furthermore, he presented the achievements of The STILE initiated by the Group and his goals for the future, “CSV is not about donating money nor volunteering but providing solutions to the need of society and creating value. Therefore, we need to discern unmet social needs and develop an innovative business model in order to drive changes. The STILE includes The Wave and Patina Wellness. The Wave is a co-working space where young entrepreneurs are provided with all-round support and access to consultation services and seminars, enabling them to realise their dreams and expand their businesses. Patina Wellness is Hong Kong’s first integrated senior elderly wellness hub residence run by the private sector, offering the growing elderly population an alternative of aging in place. To better assess the impact of these projects on society and the shareholders, the Group encourages its businesses to engage in B Corp Certification.  As early as 2017, The Wave became the first ever commercial corporation in Hong Kong to obtain the Certification. Hotel Ease.Tsuen Wan of the Group was made the first B Corp hotel in Asia thanks to its contribution to the local economy and employment market. Looking ahead, I hope to spearhead even more profitable projects to address social needs both inside and outside the Group for the benefit of the community.”

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