Community Bliss | Jan-2020

【SportsPower】Sports Innovation and Youth Development Forum gathers momentum for social innovation

Stan Group has been committed to promoting entrepreneurship and fostering the Group’s core values among the youth and the community. Seeing that the resilience of entrepreneurs and the perseverance of athletes are the two sides of the same coin, the Group has been dedicated to supporting athletic initiatives both internally and externally in recent years. This year, the Group goes the extra mile by launching Sports Power, a granting scheme offered through the newly established SYNC Foundation. The funding is to support stakeholders from different sectors to launch social innovation projects, creating value for the community. It also aims to support young people to participate in different sport events, unleashing their potential and fostering a strong sense of community.

To facilitate exchange with the industry, the Sports Innovation and Youth Development Forum was organised on 8 November 2019. There were more than 160 participants including representatives from the sport industry, non-profit organisations, social enterprises, community organisations, and sport enthusiasts. Notable guests included Andes Leung, Co-founder and CEO of RunOurCity; Edmond Yiu, Supervisor of Culture, Sport & Arts Division of Hong Kong Playground Association; Henry Hui, Chief Technology Officer of Decathlon Hong Kong; Keyman Ma, Co-founder and Chief Cheering Officer at Social S; Tina Wong, Co-Founder & Chief Moving Officer at Social S; Nathan Yung, Founding President of Asian Sport Psychology Professional Association; Gabriel Pun, Sport Nutrition Officer of Hong Kong Sports Institute; and Judy Kong, Chief Executive of InspiringHK Sports Foundation. Their sharing was themed on five aspects, namely youth sports development, sports entrepreneurship, sports and community health, sports nutrition, and sustainable athletes. Other topics such as sports consumer culture, development of emerging sports, sports psychology and sports charity were also discussed during the event.

Stan Tang, Chairman of Stan Group and SYNC Foundation, gave a speech, “Sports bring together powers, which may be body strength, or the positive energy in face of adversity, or even the power to unify the community. Stan Group has always been an avid advocate for entrepreneurship, which speaks of the resilience of true athletes. We hope to bring the spirit of sport to the community. This forum aims to bring together experts from different fields of sports to explore the its impacts on the community, thus igniting innovative ideas and creating shared value for the society.”

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