Industry Trivia | Jul 2020

【Entrepreneurship】 Start-up Tips: How to choose between a start-up incubator and accelerator?

In recent years, we see more and more interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. Many people wish to ride this wave but have no idea about where to start. Among the various programmes that are available in the market to help start-ups develop, incubators and accelerators are the most common. How exactly are they different then?

Both the incubator and the accelerator are programmes to facilitate the growth of a start-up. They are different in that an incubator provides a favourable environment for a start-up to grow, with basic needs covered such as venue, consultation, and legal advice. Yet, an accelerator is a more result-oriented programme which aims to drive the growth of a start-up within a short period of time. For instance, providing advice on marketing strategies can help a company achieve substantial growth shortly.

When a start-up already has a business model and the wish to expand its network and accelerate its growth, it is probably a good idea to join an accelerator programme. Founded by Stan Group and powered by INFINITUDE and co-organised by by The Wave, the second cohort of The STILE Initiative was rolled out. The selected start-ups are provided with a three-month training and guidance, and business matching opportunities with Stan Group’s business units and affiliates.

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