SG Phone | Oct 2019

Vanilla Ice-Cream Day shares frozen joy

Stan Group always has the well-being of staff members at heart. That’s why the Group constantly organises all sorts of activities, hoping to create a happy workspace and cultivate a sense of belonging. The Group celebrated their very own “Vanilla Ice-Cream Day” on 23th July, which happens to be the day that Great Heat (the traditional Chinese solar terms indicating the advent of hottest weather) coincided with the “National Vanilla Ice Cream Day”. A Mobile Softee was arranged to station at the corporate headquarters, where Stan Tang, Chairman of Stan Group, along with his family, gave away delicious soft serve to staff members. Everyone seized the opportunity to enjoy ice cream from Stan, and to capture the moment on camera.

The “Vanilla Ice-Cream Day” successfully kept everyone cool under the heat, brought surprise, laughter and the feeling of being cared for. Staff members at other locations also received ice cream coupons, so everyone got to share the frozen joy!

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