Pop-up Tips | Oct 2019

Stave off signs of ageing on your neck

Often times, we take great care of the skin on our faces, but forget all about our necks. Lafayette Spa shares with us three tips on caring for our necks and keeping premature winkles away. Stop leaving your necks out from the skincare regiment and let them look aged!

1. Don’t be a phubber and do neck exercise
It has become a norm to be always looking at the phone, and that is causing skin laxity – loose skin around the jaw, double chin, neck wrinkle, and even buffalo hump. It is best that you exercise gently every half an hour. Moving your head up and down, left and right, will help relieve neck tension and muscle strain.

2. Put on sunscreen and increase collagen intake
Your neck is more fragile to UV than your face, therefore don’t forget to put sunscreen on your neck. Also, there is less collagen in the skin of your neck, you may apply neck cream with collagen and eat collagen-rich food to replenish your skin.

3. Detox your lymph and unblock your meridians
Professional techniques to drain the lymph and clearing blocked meridians of the neck help eliminate toxins and boost blood circulation. The treatment helps prevent double chin, reduce neck tension, and keep the skin moisturised and firm. All these contribute to a beautiful neckline.

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Acknowledgement: Club East

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